Monitor, analyze, and control anything and everything—from single rooms to smart buildings—with our beautiful (and customizable) Dashboard and Control App for web and mobile.

Control Envy

The Internet of Things is in its infancy—and current IoT solutions are incomplete at best.

Enterprise IoT platforms offer scope and scale but require enormous development to implement for any particular project. Niche IoT applications offer deep features but do not work outside a limited set of components. Meanwhile, custom integration relies on obsolete tools and arcane knowledge.

Control Envy offers modern development tools to provide enterprise scope and scale with deep features for a wide variety of components. It is extensible and customizable to fit any use case including private-label apps and web portals.


With attention given to every detail, the UI delights at first sight.


From simple graphs to detailed line reports, data tells the story.


Access the exact same Cloud tools used to build the Dashboard and Control App.


Since realtime means milliseconds, using Control Envy feels like playing a video game.


When problems arise a full audit trail shows exactly what happened.


All components, even dumb things, are protected with end-to-end encryption.

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Trusted Consultants

Our Trusted Consultants advise other professionals on how to implement and customize Control Envy in real-world systems. Trusted Consultants have direct 24/7 access to the Control Envy engineering team to ensure that even the most demanding projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Becoming a Trusted Consultant is not as simple as attending a course and passing a perfunctory skills test. Every Trusted Consultant has been vetted through a rigorous series of experience evaluations, technical exams, analytical essays, and personal interviews. Our consultants are not simply certified, they are genuinely trusted to communicate with and advise every stakeholder.